WINKZ -Hybrid - Points West


Moonlight Mojito:

Moonlight Mojito is a lovely addition to an evening sitting on the dock.  Moonlight Mojito is naturally flavoured with Peppermint and Lime.


Rose Water Tea:

Winkz Rose Water Tea is a mouth watering delight, naturally flavoured with Bergamot Oil. A subtle way to enjoy a flavour similar to a robust Bergamot Earl Grey Tea


Bombay Ouzo

Winkz Bombay Ouzo is a mouth watering delight, naturally flavoured with Anise.  


Each 5 gram serving contains 10 or 25 mg THC of activated Points West Premium Harvest Reserve Cannabis Oil for individual dosing convenience, and is derived from the Gorilla Glue 4 Hybrid strain, with each package holding 6 servings


DOSE: 10mg or 25mg THC per 5 gram serving

PROFILE: Gorilla Glue 4

INGREDIENTS: Isomalt, water, natural bergamot oil & colouring, cannabis oil. 

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place. 
NOTES: Each serving is expected to contain 10 or 25 mg THC, within the 10% margin of error of process.


Please use responsibly.  Keep away from children and pets. 

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Canadians only!
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