Skunkys Gummies - 225MG THC

Skunkys Gummies - 225MG THC


Skunkys offers high quality edibles made with a non-residual food grade safe derivative. Packages of gummies are Lab tested to 225MG of THC containing - 75-95 grams of candy (avg12-18 pieces) easy dosaging for New to Experinced users.

Available Gummies

Cola Bottles , Wobble Worms, Whacky Watermelon, Bubblegum Bottles, Cherry Bottles, Dried Pineapple, Grapefruit Slices, Sour Berries, Lemon Colas

Or cant decide get a Skunkys Mix with all your favorites!

May Contain - Nuts, Cocunut, Peanuts, and Other Allegerens, Please use Caution if you have any allergies 


***Staff pick Top Edible!*** 

User Comments:

- Cant believe it contains THC practically no taste at all!

- So strong BUT so tastey, dont know if I can control myself!

- Best Gummy Edibles available hands down!

- I feel complete pain relief after just a couple gummmies perfect for my daily routine!

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Canadians only!
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