Space Jam - Hybrid


If you were born anytime before the mid-90’s, chances are you’ll know exactly what movie this strain is named after. You know the one I’m talking about, with Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and a certain copyright protected bunny rabbit. Well for starters, if you haven’t seen Space Jam, your first step should be procuring a copy along with a hearty portion of Space Jam the strain so you can get through some of the most groan-worthy moments. Enough about 20-year-old movies; let’s move on to the weed! Space Jam is an indica dominant hybrid, with a mellow flavor and equally mellow effects. Two phenomenal parent strains, Alien OG and Tangie, join forces to create Space Jam. With outer space as one of the main themes in Space Jam, it’s no wonder that Alien OG is one of the parents. Alien OG, like Space Jam, is a hybrid strain. It is known for its potent kick, and out of this world sensations. The two parents of Alien OG, Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, both bring a familiar dankness to the scene with their common OG Kush ancestor. If Alien OG put the “space” in Space Jam, then it’s only logical to conclude that Tangie puts in the “jam”. Tangie is a sativa dominant strain that as you might assume possesses a citrusy tangerine-like zing. Tangie is a little bit of a mystery strain when it comes down to genetics. What is known, is that California Orange is one of the two parent strains. The mystery arises when trying to pin down the other parent strain. While it’s a fact that Skunk is one of the grandparent strains, no one knows for sure what the other component is. As a classic transplant from Amsterdam in the mid 90’s Tangie was already spreading its seeds long before there was any real reason to keep track of your genetics. Although Space Jam would have a hard time doing a report on its genealogy, that doesn’t make it any less of a remarkably scrumptious strain.

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